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Imperfectly Perfect - A.E. Woodward 2-1/2 stars.

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Emma is a twenty-nine year old who lives with her three best friends...best friends who all happen to be hot guys. She's been best friends with Tyler since they were ten years old. Shane met them shortly after, and when they were in college, they met Rob and added him to their group. In spite of all of them being professionals, two are lawyers, one is a sportscaster, and I cannot for the life of me remember what Emma's job is, but she has a good one, they act like life's a constant frat party. The four of them do practically everything together, including hitting the bars and nursing hangovers.

After going home for her parents' anniversary, Emma's sister makes an announcement that has her questioning everything in her life.
What is perfection? Does it even exist? Is it attainable? Millions of people spend countless hours in search of something perfect. Perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect haircut, perfect job. But mostly we spend our time searching for the perfect partner. We all crave someone to share all of life's experiences with. Someone to grow old with.

Emma goes back to New York, intent on finding the perfect man and living the perfect life. She tricks the guys into going to a speed dating event with her, where she meets Bradley, a gorgeous successful doctor, who sweeps her off her feet into a whirlwind, albeit short-lived romance.

Meanwhile, Shane comes to the realization that he's totally in love with Emma. I don't feel like I'm spoiling here since the story is told in both of Emma's and Shane's points of view. I really liked Shane's character and felt like his reactions were realistic:
I clenched my jaw, because--as fucked up as it sounds--in that moment, I hated her and I hated that I loved her. I hated that she couldn't see it, but mostly I hated that she didn't love me too.

The whole best-friends-to-more storyline is one of my favorites. I liked all of the guys and am definitely looking forward to finding out what happens in the other books in the series, which are about Tyler and Rob. I really loved Shane and wish the whole book had been in his POV. He was the perfect amount of swoon and humor. I loved how descriptive Woodward was with the setting. I felt like I was gallivanting all over NYC with the gang.

I also really liked the end. And the stuff that led up to it.

What didn't I like? Aside from the fact that I felt like these people acted way younger than they were, I didn't like Emma very much. I thought she was a selfish bitch most of the time. She was condescending and I honestly didn't think she deserved to be with Shane. I also felt like what happened with Bradley was unrealistic and there just so Emma and Shane could realize their feelings for each other.

I also have to say that this story shouldn't really be categorized as New Adult. Yes, the heroine acts like she's still a college student, but she's almost thirty. The cover is totally not representative of this book, either looking more YA-ish. This book is definitely about adults with adult-issues. So I think a different cover would have been better here for sure.

With that being said, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick fun read with a small amount of angst and no sex scenes. Without a doubt, I think Woodward is an up-and-coming author with a lot of potential. I liked the story, but I could have loved it. Give it a try, Fictionees.