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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi 3 stars.

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I wrote a blog post on Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Novellas and used Destroy Me as a novella that fulfulls one of the three acceptable purposesof novellas: to provide the backstory or history to a primary character, perhaps more than would be necessary through the course of the regular series. And that's exactly what this story does.

Destroy Me explains some of Warner's reactions and the way he thinks about certain things, namely Juliette and his father. He's come to the realization that what Juliette seemed to feel for him was not what he thought. Despite knowing her relationship with Adam, and the fact that she shot him to escape, Warner still wants her.

We learn some other things in this novella, like how Warner's relationship with his father has evolved, and how he came to find out about Juliette. I appreciated this insight to Warner's character, and you guise know that I have been #teamWarner from the very beginning.

And yet...

I can't help but feel like this was all a ploy to get us to root for Warner. If we didn't have this story, would there be any way that we would think there was a chance in hell that Juliette should choose Warner? I don't think so. Adam is pretty close to being perfect and has been willing to sacrifice everything for her, including his freedom, his career, his family, and his very life. Destroy Me turns our empathy to Warner, but that doesn't really excuse what he's done, or the fact that Juliette has lied to Adam about her relationship with Warner.

This story could not be a stand-alone. You need to read Shatter Me to understand what's going on here, and I would venture a guess that you need to read this story in order to make the leap to what's going to happen in the rest of the series. I don't like that at all. Until I read Book Three, I don't know how necessary this is, so for now, I'm going to give this three stars because I did like it. But I do not like that we have to read it so that future events might feel authentic.