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Rumor Has It (Animal Magnetism)

Rumor Has It  - Jill Shalvis 3 stars.

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I love Jill Shalvis and the way she writes. This is my first book from the Animal Magnetism series, but I know I need to read them all.

Elementary Science teacher Kate Evans takes care of everyone around her. She's always had a crush on her brother's best friend, Griffin, who is a Special Ops soldier and has been away for most of the past few years. He returns for his little sister's (and Kate's BFF) wedding, and they can't deny their attraction.
"What are you doing?"

Possibly drooling on you..."If you don't know," she said, "then I'm way more out of practice than I thought."

I love this storyline and really enjoyed these characters and their history. Kate was super-smart and quirky, and Griffin Reid has got to be one of my favorite guys ever. Super hot military guy? Sign me up. You'll love him.
"You win," she said.

"Yes." He pointed to the bed. "There," he said. "You'll be my prize."

I loved a lot of things about this story. I loved the memories that we got from Griffin and Kate--both with each other growing up and their families. I love when he calls her "Katie" and his cocky attitude. I also love that she calls him out on things, and he does the same to her. The other characters in this story were fun, especially Kate's ex, Ryan, and I can't wait to read the other books in the series. There's humor and swoon with a bit of angst thrown in. Animal Magnetism readers will be happy to see little glimpses of Brady thrown in.

What didn't I like? Even though I loved Griffin, his I know what's best for everyone attitude wasn't for me. Kate thinking that she had to do every little thing for her family got old--they weren't totally incapable. There were some things that I didn't love regarding Kate's job: while on a field-trip, she lets the kids roam around (with an adult, but not a school-appointed chaperone) without being with them the whole time and her friend comes by with an "emergency" that takes Kate away from her class for several minutes. There are a couple of twists in the story toward the end that I don't think were necessary, and I definitely think Trevan Anders' reaction to his kid was totally unrealistic. Also, the ending was a little abrupt for me.

A lot of readers say that Jill Shalvis is a formulaic writer, but I say if it ain't broke don't fix it! I enjoy her stories and don't mind that we know what's going to happen in the end. It's definitely hot :)

If you want a fun story with a super-hot guy and a quirky girl, grab Rumor Has It when it hits shelves on November 5.