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Six Months Later

Six Months Later - Natalie Richards 5 stars. If I could give this book 19 stars, I would. love love LOVE

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While I was excited to participate in the tour for Six Months Later because we love supporting debut authors, I thought this would be just another run-of-the-mill YA book. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This. Book. Is. Famazing.

Right from the beginning, you’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat to know what’s going on.
I’m sitting next to the fire alarm, and my best friend is going down in flames.

A junior in high school, slacker Chloe Spinnaker knows she needs to study more and bring up her less-than-stellar GPA if she wants to get into college. She wants to do better, but doesn’t spend much time trying to do anything about it. So it’s no surprise when she nods off during study hall one day in May. What is surprising is that she wakes up to find that six months have passed and it’s now November.

She can’t remember how she got where she is when she wakes up, or why her hands are dirty, or why her best friend, Maggie, doesn’t answer the phone when she calls her. She doesn’t understand when bad-boy Adam Reed is the one who comes to rescue her and is even more confused by the way she seems to feel about him.
“We can’t keep doing this, Chloe,” he says softly.

The words sting and I don’t know why. I don’t even know what he means, but I desperately want to argue with him. I want to shake my head and grab his hands and–this is crazy.

Way beyond crazy.

Chloe gets another shock when she practically falls into the arms of longtime-crush Blake Tanner. He’s her boyfriend now and seems to be crazy about her.
Blake stands next to me in every last [picture], his arm around my shoulder and my head tipped toward him. It’s the kind of pose that leaves no question to our status. We’re together.


My memory decides to have some sort of massive file corruption and these are the months I missed? What about my years in braces? Or the summer my dog and grandmother died a month apart? No, I get to miss the six months that turned my life from train wreck into perfection.


Over the summer, Chloe apparently joined an elite study group and her grades and SAT scores skyrocketed. She’s in with the popular crowd and has a perfect boyfriend. She has everything she’s ever wanted, but there are only a few problems with her “new life”:

1. She can’t remember anything that happened over the last six months and knows there’s something going on.
2. Her best friend refuses to talk to her–at all.
3. She can’t stop thinking about Adam.

Chloe gets little flashes of her memory whenever Adam touches her, but there’s more to it than that. She has an overwhelming connection to him. While trying to understand her feelings for Adam (and anti-feelings for Blake), Chloe finds little clues that let her know that she’s not totally crazy and that she needs to get to the bottom of what happened to her. She has to follow her instincts to figure out who to trust, and she becomes even more determined when she finds out that one of her friends might need her help. The twists and turns in this fast-paced story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What I liked: I loved pretty much everything about this book. Chloe was a character that I was rooting for the whole time. And Adam? OMG I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM. He’s sweet and beautiful and genius-smart and eats oranges and gives me all kinds of swoonyflails.
He smirks again, and I think I understand why girls go for the bad boy. Or at least, the guys who appear to be bad boys. “I think it’s all an act,” I say, licking Twinkie filling off my finger. “This bad boy thing. You do it to pick up girls.”

“Is it working?” he asks, leaning closer.

I cannot say enough about Adam, who definitely has a spot on my top ten list. I want to quote basically everything he said. I just love him.

I also loved that the plot was realistic and just…gah! Chloe was a bit of a dare-devil and loyal and just genuinely awesome. She has a lot to deal with, and I loved the way she handled it all. Her best friend, Maggie, was pretty awesome, too. Though Chloe hurt her and they don’t talk anymore, Maggie doesn’t abandon Chloe when she really needs her. This pair have a history since they were little girls, and I love that. I love that they love each other. I loved that even though Blake is the all-American prom-kind over-achieving guy that every parent wants their daughter to date, and Chloe's had a crush on him forever, she can’t shake the feeling that it’s just not right. I just want to tell you all the things, but I don’t want to spoil. Trust me, you need to read this one.

Six Months Later has it all: action-packed suspense, a believable main character who totally kicks ass, a sweet boy who’ll have you swooning and flailing, and a BFF that you'll want to hang out with. I can’t wait to find out what’s next for author Natalie Richards.