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The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds - Chantel Guertin 4-1/2 stars.

A modified version of this review, complete with more quotes and beautiful Dream Cast, also appears on Swoony Boys Podcast.

I want to start off by saying that I wanted to get my hands on this book since I heard about it, and it was close to the top of my list to grab at BEA. I'm so glad I read it. I loved this book!

Despite recently dealing with some life-altering changes, sixteen year old photog Pippa Greene desperately wants to win Vantage Point, a photography competition that comes with a $5K grand prize and an invitation to exclusive Tisch camp in NYC. She’s also got to log 120 volunteer hours for school and is pretty dismayed when she’s assigned to work as a candy striper at the hospital. Things start looking up when she runs into Dylan McCutter, the super swoony boy she’s had a crush on since she first laid eyes on him two years ago when he opened her stubborn locker at school. Add to that mix Ben Baxter, the hot new student who could steal her spot at Tisch and some drama with Pippa’s BFF, Dace, and you’ve got the perfect combination of fun and heartbreak wrapped up in a neat little must-read package.

There are lots of things I loved: the cover and the boys (most of the time) and Guertin’s super snarky writing. Mostly I loved Pippa. Well, obviously I mostly love Dylan (the boy ::le sigh::), but I love Pippa, too. She has got to be one of my favorite characters ever. She’s snarky and sweet and loyal and everything you could ever want in a friend. She’s strong and vulnerable at the same time. She’s smart, loves photography, watches The Breakfast Club, and is just real. Everything that happens with Pippa and her reactions are pretty spot-on, and I love that.

I loved Dylan. He full names Pippa, opens doors, plays guitar in a band, and is totally swoonworthy. He’s a genius (he got into Harvard) and so, so sweet.
“You’re blowing my mind, Philadephia Green.”

“It’s just a cookie.” My face is hot.

“But it isn’t. I’m starting to get you, I think. You don’t do things like anyone else.”

Though I loved pretty much everything about this book, there is one thing–and it’s pretty major–that I didn’t feel good about not knowing what happened. I can’t say much without giving it all away, but you’ll know what I mean when you read it :)

Also, the other boy, Ben Baxter. He’s definitely hot, he's a photographer and goes after what he wants (which I love, when it's Pippa, hate when it's something that hurts her). I liked a lot of things about Ben (and really, really hated some things), but make no mistake--I was #TeamDylan from the first strum of Dylan’s guitar.

The Rule of Thirds the snark, the sweet, the sadness, and the swoon. It's a stand-alone, but really–-I wouldn’t mind some more of this. I’d like to know what happens the next day, and in New York, and in the Fall, and when they get married… Definitely one of my favorite books of the year.