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No More Goddesses

No More Goddesses - Kim Baccellia 2-1/2 stars.

It was okay.

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After trying to figure out what she can do to get her crush, Ethan, to ask her to the Valentine’s dance, she goes to her grandmother’s house to help clean out the attic. While there, Jordan finds a bracelet that looks like a prop from one of her favorite movies. She puts on the bracelet, not knowing that it once belonged to Hathor, an Egyptian mythological goddess of love and merriment. She puts on the bracelet, has a strange feeling, and thinks about Ethan. After some crazy things happen, including Jordan hearing voices in her head and feeling strange sensations from the bracelet and Selena’s crush asking her to the dance, Jordan goes home and comes face to face with Hathor, who tells her that the bracelet will bring her the romance that she desires but to be careful, or else...

Hathor has fun causing all kinds of trouble for the girls at their school, then things go into pretty much utter chaos. I can’t tell you what happens without giving it away, but this book has it all: drama, romance, history, paranormal witch-craft-type-stuff and and an evil goddess. You name it.

I loved her friends and how much they relied on each other. There’s a lot to be said about loyalty and trusting your friends, even if what they say seems to be totally unbelievable :)

What didn't I like? Okay, first of all, there are bugs in this book. Yes, they’re harmless glittery green scarab/beetles, but I don’t care. I. Don’t. Like. Bugs.


This book was kind of slow-moving at times and unrealistic. Not including the entire Egyptian goddess wreaking havoc on her school thing. LOL There’s also a kind-of Lord-of-the-Rings-must-have-the-precious vibe coming from the bracelet and while I totally get why everyone felt that way about the Ring, I didn’t really understand how this bracelet could have that kind of force. It's not explained. And why her grandmother “forgot” about it and left it up in her attic, if it had the power of the ring. There were also a lot of Audrey Hepburn references in this book. I love Audrey as much as the next girl (and *swoon* Gregory Peck), but if I didn’t know anything about her or her movies, I would've been lost. There could have been more swoon, but that’s probably a given.

With that being said, it was fun and will appeal to a lot of readers, especially the younger YA set. If you’re looking for a cute story with high-school antics and a heavy dose of paranormal laced with mythology, No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia is right up your alley.