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Ruin (Summer In Winter)

Ruin - C.J.  Scott I have to admit that the cover of this book drew me in. Who doesn't want to read a book featuring a hot guy with intricately-defined abs? I know I would.

Kate is spending the summer back home in Winter, Montana, when drifter Ben Parker (isn't that another character's name already?) arrives on her friend's doorstep, looking for work. He's mysterious and is only planning to spend one night in town, and Kate takes an instant liking to him. In fact, at only 28% in, with very little interaction between the two, Kate decides that she's "falling for him and falling hard." Despite him being very clear that he isn't interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with him, she is pretty determined to sleep with him and doesn't understand why he's not interested.

I didn't connect to these characters at all. There's some mysterious vibe going on with Ben and though I'm pretty sure I could guess what it is, I didn't care about them enough to keep reading. The insta-love and omg I just want one night with him or my life won't be complete annoyed me, and I flounced at 44%. I'm afraid that Ruin is yet another New Adult book lacking in original plot development and in need of an editor. Pass up this pretty cover and spend your time on something else.