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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars - Allison Rushby I liked this book--it was cute and fun, but not fluffy.

Jo is a 16-year-old paparazzo, using her small stature and innocent looks to get her in to take pictures of high-profile celebrities. Her father is famous among his paparazzi peers, and though she's temporarily following in his footsteps, her real dream is to be a portrait photographer. An unexpected assignment to track and photograph a teen heartthrob in a retreat-like rehab would provide the funds she needs to pay for school and an awesome study program. But when she learns her target is Ned Hartnett, the only celebrity who's ever really been nice to her, she has a slight crisis of conscience. Much of this book is Jo dealing with that conscience. I don't want to spoil too much, but I'll say there was a little swoon.

I didn't really like Jo's character. She annoyed me, and I couldn't really identify with her. Not because she's a teenage photographer--but because she seems to be so motivated by money. She says she needs money so many times throughout the book, but I don't get it. Her dad is successful and is out of the country working throughout most of the book. She has thousands of dollars worth of equipment, yet she says she has to work all hours of the night. The girl is sixteen. Getting past that, I liked the book, and many of the characters, including her roommate and Ned. It's a quick read from a debut author, and I'm looking forward to what Rushby gives us next.