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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Kasie West 4 stars.

Full review, with quotes and stuffs, can be found on the Fictionators. You can also hear how much I go on and on about my love for Trevor on Swoony Boys Podcast.

I've been trying to think of exactly what I want to say about this book that won't give too much of the plot away, and I just ...have so many things to say!

Everyone who lives on the Compound with Addison Coleman has a Paranormal talent--some type of heightened ability of the mind. There are Perceptives, who can change how things look, Persuaders, who can persuade you to do things, Discerners, who who can tell if you're lying, Erasers, who can erase your memories, Telekinetics, who can move things with their minds, and all sorts of other things. Addie has the rare ability to be able to Search for her future. A lot of the kids liken it to Clairvoyance, and she doesn't correct them, because it's similar--except she's only able to See what happens based on her decisions. She doesn't like to Search very often, because she lives every moment of both outcomes as far as she projects, so she usually limits them to only a few hours or a few days at a time.

Early on in the story, her parents drop the bomb on her that they are getting a divorce and she has to choose who she wants to live with:

At the insistence of her best friend, Laila, Addie decides to Search to decide what the right decision should be and sets the time at six weeks into the future. From there, the chapters alternate depending on the choice she made, staying with her mother or staying with her father. What's really interesting is that there is some overlap, and I found myself trying to piece together what was really going on and how the details for each Search would culminate together.

In the Search that keeps Addie with her mother on the Compound, Duke, the most popular boy in school takes notice of her and immediately wants her to be his.

In the Search that Addie goes with her father in the Norm, she meets Trevor. For the record, I was totally, 100% wholeheartedly, Team Trevor from the get-go, but when I got to this, I melted:
"if you need something to hold on to until you feel grounded, I make a pretty good anchor."

Even though choosing the right boy is the most important aspect for me (lol), there is so much more to this story. While in the Search where she lives with her dad, we find out that there have been a few murders in the Compound, and her dad is called to help Discern if the suspect is telling the truth. There's also been some mysterious football-player injuries in both Searches, and Addie tries to figure out how her friends (in one Search) and former classmates (in the other) are involved. It's all a big tangled web, and I found myself texting Jaime Arkin at 2am with flaily "wtmf" tweets.

I really loved the whole idea of this story. It takes parts of my favorite stories: X-men like genetically-superior people, going to school and living in a community right under our noses. There are Harry Potter-esque references, like the group of people who make sure the Para-community is kept secret, as well as the memory-erasers. I also loved that she felt drawn to Trevor, even a little bit, in the Search that didn't have her falling head-over-heels for him. There's a little Inception, along with a bit of Minority Report thrown in.

I liked Addison, and I loved Trevor. And his friends. And Trevor. A lot
I want you to choose me, Addie," he whispers. "I want this to be real."

::Le sigh::

There were a few things that I didn't like, though. One of them is very difficult for me to articulate, but I will try: I feel that there was a huge hole in the plot. Addison got to the end of her Search and knew which path she had to choose based on their outcomes, which were the lesser of the two evils. Knowing the outcome of both, though, I feel like she would have been inclined to change things about what happens in either future. She knows she is going to have her memory Erased, and decides to write herself a note...about Trevor. There is so much other stuff going on, that I can't believe that's what she did. I don't understand why she wouldn't go to her parents with what she learned. Lives were at stake, and they were totally aware of her ability. She could have avoided a lot of heartache if she had confided in them.

I want to say something about what happens with another character here, and I really can't. lol All I will say is, she's so (understandably) willing to hold everything that doesn't happen against Bobby--why don't the same rules apply to everyone? I'm also surprised at her mother. For someone so smart, she turned out to be pretty stupid.

I like her ability, but not the name. And that's just my prejudice because I love Divergent and think that West could have chosen a different identifier.

I. Cannot. Wait. to read the next book. Thank rob it's only a two-part series instead of a trilogy because I want to know what happens right now! This is a fun, action-packed read that I think you'll love, too.