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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris Unraveling is unlike any book I've ever read--it's fast-paced adventure, with angst and humor and some swoon all thrown together. It's contemporary, and it's sci-fi. It's a mystery and a coming-of-age tale. It's pretty good, and I liked it!

Like the synopsis says, 17-year-old Janelle is hit by a truck and dies. She has flashes of her happiest moments in life before waking up to find Ben Michaels, a boy who she recognizes from school, hovering over her and whispering that she's going to be okay. He heals her, and she doesn't understand exactly what happened.

The mystery doesn't end there. Janelle comes across some cryptic notes written on pictures she finds while perusing her FBI father's files--indicating a countdown of sorts. Add to that that Janelle had to deal with something that she doesn't fully know the ramifications of happening to her when she was a freshman, and that her mother is bipolar, and you've got a lot going on.

Though this book is kinda long (over 450 pages), I found myself enamored with the story. I won't say this was a can't-put-down-have-to-know-what-happens-next kinda read, I did want to know what was going on and get to the bottom of the mystery.

I liked a lot of things about it, but most of all, I liked Janelle. The girl was totally kick-ass. She was real, and it is obvious that Norris is totally in touch with the ya-crowd. Janelle curses, she kicks boys in the balls, and she can't stay away from pretty boys.

What else do I like? I like the boys. I think Ben is great, and I like Nick. I love her relationship with best friend Alex and her little brother. I like the friends. I like the overall story, though I felt like there was a whole lot of it. Oh, and I like the swoon, though there isn't a ton.

What didn't I like? Like I said, I felt like this book was a lot of things--mystery and romance and sci-fiesque and contemporary and so much. I don't really know how to explain it, but at times I felt like it was too much stuff. Or not enough of one thing. It was just a lot to keep up with. And there did seem to be some that could have been omitted, like the stuff with her mom and maybe even what happened to her when she was a freshman. And maybe basically everything that happened with her former BFF. I know those things shaped her into the person she is, but it was a lot. idk idk

Also, as much as I liked Janelle, I didn't feel like her reactions to situations were very realistic. Yes, she's seventeen. Yes, her father is an FBI agent, and yes, she's very intelligent. But, I feel like when faced with certain apocalypse, she might have had different reactions.

The ending really surprised me, and I'm pretty impressed with Elizabeth Norris for that.

With that being said, I thought this book was great, and I liked it. If you want to read sci-fi or mysteries or just a plain good story, then check out Unraveling.