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Fall From Love

Fall from Love - Heather London 3-1/2 stars.

This book, like so many other self-pubs, would have benefited from a professional editor. With that being said, I liked the story :)

Holly’s boyfriend, Adam, was killed in an accident while working on a rescue team. He was her first everything, so of course Holly is like a zombie after he’s gone. It takes months for her to finally start to live again, thanks in part to the insistence of her roommate/BFF, Jenna.

Carter is not only Jenna’s boyfriend’s best friend, but he’s also the first person that Holly saw in the hospital when she got the news of Adam’s demise. You can imagine how hard it is for Holly to even look at Carter, let alone have any kind of interaction with him. But for Jenna’s sake, Holly starts to come out of her shell and finds that she’s drawn to Carter. There’s a problem, though:
Without a doubt, things are changing between us and, as much as I want more with her–as much as I want to give her what she want–I’m not sure I should. At least, not until she knows the truth.

Carter was the last person to see Adam alive, and everyone knows it–except Holly. While Carter is trying to deal with the guilt that he maybe could have done something different to save Adam, Holly deals with the grief of losing the person she’d built all of her hopes and dreams with.

I liked this story and these characters. Carter was a sweet guy who said and did some really swoony things, and Holly was a girl that I wanted to be happy. I liked their best friends and thought that the story felt authentic. I really liked the catalyst that made Holly realize she wanted more with him.

There were some things that I didn’t love (besides the lack of editing, which wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great). I didn’t understand how Holly could barely be able to stand being in the room with with Carter, then all of a sudden can’t not be around him. It wasn’t insta-love, but it was insta-friendship :) All in all though, this was a good story, and I think you’ll like it!

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