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Gorgeous - Paul Rudnick 3-1/2 stars. Or three. idk.

You can read my full review, including quotes and dream cast (trust, you do not want to miss that), on Swoony Boys Podcast.

Following the death of her beloved mother, not-so-pretty-less-than-popular Becky Randle stumbles across a mysterious phone number. The call she makes leads her to Tom Kelly, a sort of fairy godfather/designer who magically fills her life with glitz, glamour, and celebrity as he transforms her into Rebecca, literally the most beautiful woman in the world. All things come with a price, though, and Rebecca has one year to fall in love and get married. Determined to use her amazing beauty for good, she sets her sights on marrying the handsome (and very funny) Prince Gregory, but she soon discovers that there’s more at stake than she ever imagined when real feelings get in the way.

I loved the whole idea for this story--it’s like a fairytale, complete with dwarves and a handsome prince. It was hard not to get swept up into the celebrity and overwhelmingness of it all. It’s really hard to describe this book. Parts of it are so overly descriptive that I had to go back and reread just to figure out wtf Rudnick was talking about. On the flip side of that, there were things that were completely left out that absolutely should have been there. After becoming Rebecca, Becky has one year to meet, fall in love with, and marry someone. She’s pretty much immediately smitten with Prince Gregory, who I loved. Their first meetings are told in great detail, but then there’s a huge six month jump in time, leaving out all the time that they “fell in love”. Also, there’s a lot of bad language in this book that seemed superfluous, and something happens with the movie director that we think was too gross and was kind of unnecessary.

I found the characters to be likable, especially Prince Gregory and Jate. Her BFF, Rocher, was a little over the top, but I can picture her clearly and loved her. I really appreciated that we got an epilogue so we know what happened later, even if it seemed unrealistic. Overall, I liked this book, but with a few changes, I could have loved it.