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The Practice Proposal: A Suddenly Smitten Novel (Entangled: Bliss)

The Practice Proposal - Tracy March 4 stars.

My full review, including quotes, can be found on the Fictionators.

The daughter of a famed baseball player, Liza Sutherland has grown up around the sport her whole life. When her mother enters a charity auction bid in Liza’s name for a date, she’s less than thrilled. Liza’s still reeling from the death of her fiancé and isn’t looking for love, even with her childhood crush, Cole Collins. Before he became the bad-boy baseball superstar he is today, he attended Liza’s dad’s baseball camp, and the two struck up a friendship. Being raised by a single mother (and then his grandmother), Cole’s been through a lot and has a reputation for being a party boy. In an effort to shed his image, Cole’s manager tells him it’s time to settle down (or at least make it appear that he’s settling down), and Liza’s the perfect candidate. She’s not interested in dating, but when Cole’s manager offers a generous donation to the charitable organization that she works for–exceeding her fundraising goals and securing her job–she agrees to go out with Cole. Neither of them count on their relationship becoming real, and neither of them wants the other to find out about the the initial arrangements that got them together in the first place. You guys all know this story–the bad boy player falls for the good girl and they live happily ever after, right?

Right. But here’s the thing about this story: even though the storyline is somewhat cliché, I still loved it. There are some definite twists and turns and a little mystery thrown in to the mix. It’s a fun, sweet story, with a sexy boy and a girl I found myself rooting for.

I loved the anticipation in this story. You should remember that the Entangled Bliss titles are Fade to Black, so there’s nothing explicit, but it’s still hot. The writing was great, the story was sweet, and I think you’ll like it. I loved the proposal(s), I loved Cole (and Liza), and I loved his tweets.

My main complaint about this book (besides the fact that I wouldn’t have minded not fading to black) is the ending. I wish there was a little bit more. I hate it when the conflict is resolved and then just… the end. Regardless, I still loved The Practice Proposal and think you will, too.