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Wrecked - Alyssa Rose Ivy 3-1/2 stars. I think.

My full review, including quotes, can be found on the Fictionators.

I haven’t read the other two books in the Clayton Falls series, but that didn’t keep me from understanding what was going on in Wrecked. Former high-school legend football player Jake Mathews is a 23-year-old who makes a mistake–he drinks and drives. And gets in a terrible accident. Thankfully, no one else is hurt, but Jake is in ICU for some time. While there, he meets his nurse, Emily, and is instantly smitten.

Because of his accident, Jake gets a DUI and can’t drive for a year, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of pursuing Emily. She likes him, too, but she’s got a secret, and she doesn’t know if Jake will still want her after he finds out. Fortunately, there’s not much emodrama in this quick read.

I liked a lot of things about this book. I liked the setting and the characters. I appreciated that Emily (especially) questioned the authenticity of Jake’s feelings, and I enjoyed the way their relationship unfolded. Jake was sweet and seems to be different than he was before. There were some issues for me, some of which definitely would have been solved if Ivy had gotten a real editor. Aside from that, I felt like Emily and Jake were a little wishy-washy. She questioned whether they were serious, even after they exchanged ILYs and spent pretty much all of their free time together. There’s some drama toward the end concerning her brother that felt like it was just thrown in there for added something. I liked getting the dual-POVs, but at times I felt like Jake had some unrealistic reactions. All of that would have been fixed by an editor, though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and I will definitely be checking out the other books in the series.