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Anthem for Jackson Dawes

Anthem for Jackson Dawes - Celia Bryce 2 stars.

My full review, including quotes and dream cast, can be found on Swoony Boys Podcast.

You know whenever you're dealing with cancer, especially kids with cancer, that it's going to be an emofest. Megan is just 14 when she finds out that she's got a brain tumor. She'll have to undergo chemo to shrink the tumor enough for surgery. While in the hospital for treatment, she meets enigmatic Jackson Dawes, a 17 year old boy who has been in the hospital for awhile and knows all the ropes. Since they are the only two teenagers in what Megan calls a place for "babies", they are drawn to each other.

Bryce handled Megan's feelings about her diagnosis and her ups and downs brilliantly. Except for all of the time her mom seemed to have left her alone in the hospital, Megan’s friends’ and family’s reactions to her illness was realistic. No one really knew what to do, so they tried to act normal. I loved her grandfather and loved that her dad sort of put his foot down a bit.

With that being said, I didn't feel like I connected with these characters at all. Jackson was interesting and I loved what I knew of him, but their relationship was pretty much nonexistent. They were friends, but barely. The subject matter is sad, but the characters aren't explored enough to really make me feel, other than in the abstract way I would feel about any kids dealing with cancer.

I definitely feel like the cover of this book is misleading–especially the tag line “Every love song must come to an end…” It's pretty, but the couple depicted here seems to be much older and doesn't fit the characters at all.

Everyone is looking for the next TFioS, but this isn’t it.