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Abby Road

Abby Road - Ophelia London 3 stars

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I read Playing at Love by Ophelia London and really enjoyed it, so when we were invited to take part in the tour for her newest book, I was all ready to jump on. I like the way that she writes, and though this book is 400 pages, it was a quick read.

Abigail Kelly is a rock star who is having trouble dealing with the death of her brother. After having a breakdown in front of the paparazzi, her manager insists that she take a breather--so she heads to her sister's house at the beach for some much needed R&R. There, she meets ex-marine Todd Camford and the two find themselves falling for each other.

For the most part, I liked Abby as a character and though she could have stood up for herself way more than she did, I found myself rooting for her. Todd (which is my husband's name so yay!) was a marine and totally hot. He's sweet and lays it all out there for her, but I didn't understand his actions sometimes. I loved the way their relationship evolved, but I don't believe that adults don't have sex. I also feel like it took them a long time to get where they needed to be, especially since they were so up front with each other about what they wanted.

Fans of the Beatles will love the clever way London weaves lyrics throughout the story. While I appreciated all the musical references, one thing that I didn't connect with was Abby's soul as a singer. She was emotional but maybe I wanted her to feel deeper. The dialogue was thoughtful and realistic, but sometimes the characters lacked authenticity to me. London is a very descriptive writer, and I like her style. I liked this book, but I could have loved it. I just wanted more: more swoon, more romance, more understanding of the characters actions. The end was sweet, and I'll definitely be reading more from this author.