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Play With Me: (A teenage novella)

Play With Me - Piper Shelly, Anna Katmore 3-1/2 stars.

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Liza has been in love with her BFF, Tony, for as long as she can remember. He watches movies with her. Misses her when they're apart. Even climbs up to her room at night. He's everything she thinks she wants in a boyfriend. He's definitely not oblivious to her feelings, and he's a good friend to her and seems to enjoy hanging out. Trouble is, Tony starts spending time with Cloey, a girl (who clearly doesn't like Liza or her relationship with Tony), and in an effort to show Tony that she can be everything he wants, Liza signs up to try out for the soccer team. It's surprising because she's not athletic, and even more shocking when the captain of the team, Ryan Hunter seems to notice her.

Dealing with her conflicting feelings for Ryan and finding out that Tony is officially dating Cloey causes Liza to realize that she needs to stop pining away for a boy that isn't going to see her as more than friends.

I really liked that Liza wasn't a doormat. She gave in to Tony too much, but she stood up for herself and didn't let him walk all over her. I also liked Tony and Ryan was pretty hot.

You know how it is with self-pubs: there were some errors and some inconsistencies, but overall I liked this fun, quick read packed with high school drama and a little bit of hotness. There's a scene that involves a drink and a lemon wedge that I really liked.

The ending was way too abrupt for me. The story wasn't without resolution, but I would have liked to have had a little more at the end. I must have an earlier version of the story, because Piper Shelly said (on goodreads) that she has posted the epilogue on her site for those that didn't get it with their version of the book. Even with that, though, I still wanted more.

This was a quick read, with likable characters and a fun storyline. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.