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Falling For Her Fiance (Accidentally in Love)

Falling For Her Fiance - Cindi Madsen 4 stars.

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I love best friends to more stories, and I've already read and loved read Cindi Madsen's YA book, All the Broken Pieces,so I jumped at the chance for us to be part of the tour for Falling for Her Fiancé.

Dani's on her way to climbing the corporate ladder and needs a date for a company retreat when best friend Wes calls her, lamenting the fact that his sister asked his ex-fiancée to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding. Dani and Wes decide to kill two birds with one stone--she can attend the wedding with him and get his family off his back, and he can go to the corporate retreat with him and allow her to participate in all of the couples' activities there. Seems like a perfect, foolproof plan, right?

Wes and Dani had been close since meeting in college freshman year. Their friends and families often wondered if there was something more. There wasn't anything romantic going on with them, though. Things get complicated when they kiss in front of his family. It starts the spark that leads to more...
If you'd kissed me like that the first time, I never would've been with anyone else.

They have plenty of complications to deal with, not the least of which is the fact that Dani lives far away. Both have baggage, and neither knows what the other is thinking until their attraction cannot be avoided. Dani's still scared though; Wes is her only constant.

I loved how this whole story played out. It was light and fun, but still had a real plot with authentic feelings and was plenty sexy. I liked Dani and understood her hesitation, both with Wes and with many of the decisions that she made throughout the story. I loved Wes. He's hot, he drives helicopters, and he's lots of fun. Plus, he drinks orange juice straight from the carton. ::flails::

I want more, more, more from Cindi Madsen. This was a sweet story, and I really liked it.