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Hana - Lauren Oliver I don't really know what to rate this. So I'm gonna go with three stars. It was okay, and I liked it...but, that's it.

First of all, I want to say that my rating has nothing to do with the writing of this novella. Lauren Oliver uses beautiful words to tell a beautiful picture. I just don't really know what the point of this was, other than to drum up some buzz for Pandemonium and perhaps to get readers to re-read Delirium before Pandemonium's release.

None of my friends have said what this story contains, so I guess I'll tell you. This is a brief glimpse into the mind of Hana, who is Lena's BFF. In case you don't remember, In Delirium, Hana was all gung ho about breaking the rules while they still could--she's the one who got Lena to go to the first underground party and the one who seemed to want more out of life than a cure for Deliria. In this story, we see Hana interacting with her match, as well as the boy who she got a little, ahem, close to. We see a little about how much she misses Lena and their relationship, and we also get a bit about the thought process that compels her to take the cure (if that's what she did). Brief is the operative word here. There's really no character growth.

There are a couple of things that I didn't like. One, Hana has a thought about Lena turning her in. I felt like that was out of character for her--she knew they were best friends and that Lena would never do that. Two, and probably most importantly, was lack of Alex. Ya'll know I'm team Alex, and you also know that Hana spent a lot of time with them. She glosses over some of those moments, but hardly at all. I wanted more of him.

I have a theory about Hana, and this story neither confirmed nor denied any parts of it. As I've come to expect with Oliver's work, there's a cliffie. One thing that's good about this, though, is that readers get the first couple of chapters of Pandemonium, so that's a bonus. If this ebook had been free to all readers, I think I would have liked it way more, but since it wasn't, I say skip it. You won't get a whole lot here.