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The Boy Recession

The Boy Recession - Flynn Meaney 3-1/2 stars. I almost really liked it.

The unlikely exodus of over a dozen of Julius P. Heil High's prime male specimens results in what's called The Boy Recession. The girls start to notice the boys that remain, realizing that their standards aren't what they originally thought. This story alternates POVs between musically-gifted Hunter, a slacker who likes to hang out and doesn't like to put too much effort into anything, and Kelly, a girl who finds herself in the middle in most situations.
Does a boy recession make you less ugly?"

..."No," Eugene says, pretty much ignoring my comment. "But a recession changes people. They don't have the same options they did before. they have to reexamine their priorities."

"You mean lower their standards?"

Although I felt like a lot of their inner monologue was a bit juvenile, it was refreshing to see kids who's biggest worries centered around whether or not they'd get a date to the prom or how to break up with an annoying girl. I thought they were both pretty sweet kids, and Hunter definitely said at least a couple of swoony things. I liked how realistic they seemed to be, and I liked their relationships with their friends, too.

The Boy Recession is a cute, quick read, and I think you'll like it.