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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick I know, I know. Sometimes I don't like it when people are all "go to my site which is somewhere else to read my review!" So, I apologize to you that that is exactly what I'm doing here.

Check out the review I posted on the Fictionators here: http://www.fictionators.com/review/my-life-next-door-by-huntley-fitzpatrick/

In case you don't want to see all the quotes and flails and swoons there (and why wouldn't you?), I will just say that I cannot even express how much I love this book. I love this boy. And this girl. And his little brother. And just...everything. #swooncity

Don't add this to your tBr list--add it to your currently reading shelf, and read it right now.