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Spellbound (Harlequin Teen)

Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz Again with the half stars lol. I'd give this 4-1/2 :)

So lately I have been complaining a lot about stories that, because there's sequel coming, end abruptly and don't seem to finish the storyline at all. I hate to be left hanging in an evil cliffie.

And that's why I love this book.

It reminded me of why I beg for more when there's something awesome. As far as I know, there is no sequel planned, but I want one. And not because the storyline wasn't wrapped up--it was. But I want MORE of them. More of swoon-worthy Brendan who brushes the bangs out of Emma's eyes. More of Emma, the perfect combination of feisty and fragile. More of her friends and her cousin and even her school. I really want more.

I liked the mystery and the pacing and the plot. The action was, um, action-packed and I cannot say how much I loved all of it. Both Emma and Brendan's personalities were likable. I love that Emma isn't a typical "damsel in distress". I loved that after taking some time to figure out what he wanted, Brendan was all in. Though the circumstances that surrounded them being together were the basis of the plot, their chemistry didn't feel forced or fake to me. I thought the whole "I love you" thing happened way too fast, but I let their ages (and the fact that both of them knew what they were dealing with) take the fall on that one. lol

I've seen some of reviews that categorize this book as a lighthearted romance, and while it is definitely romantic, I don't think it was very fluffy. There are certainly dark issues and situations, but the characters respond to them in a realistic way.

I want to kick myself for waiting to read this. After wading through some less-than-stellar books lately, I found Spellbound refreshing and just fantastic. I will be the first in line for this book if Cara Lynn Schultz decides to continue. I highly recommend!