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New Girl (Harlequin Teen)

New Girl - Paige Harbison I've been trying and trying to think of what to say about this book for a long time now. There were parts that I really, really liked, and parts that I really, really didn't. So, here's my review.

New Girl is a story told in two POVs: the "New Girl" and Becca. The new girl gets into a prestigious boarding school her senior year when a space unexpectedly opens up. She reluctantly goes and finds that pretty much no one there likes her. The New Girl (who we don't know her name until the very end) doesn't fit in very well, and it's basically a nightmare for her. Almost everyone would prefer for her predecessor to still be at school instead of her. Who did she replace? Becca.

Becca was new the year before, and she made a lasting impression on everyone she met. She's the epitome of "Mean Girl" mentality--calculating, manipulative, slightly crazy (lol). She went missing at the end of the year, and no one knows what happened to her. Is she dead? Did her parents ship her off? Did she run away? People are still talking about it, trying to find her, hoping she'll return.

This story is a mystery, and you'll surely find yourself trying to figure out wtf is going on at least a couple of times. I loved Becca. I didn't love her character--I thought she was plain awful, but she was so real. Every word in her point of view was utterly entrancing. She was so...I don't even know the word. There was just something about her that I found fascinating. On the completely opposite side of the coin was the New Girl. I didn't like her personality much at all. I didn't find her to have anything of substance, any real reason for anyone to want to get to know her.

Romance? I don't know, ya'll. I didn't think this was very swoony. There were a couple of brief moments, but not enough for me. Max was hot, of course, and I guess Johnny was okay, but I don't get why either one of them were interested in The New Girl. Becca was a total slut, sleeping with boys to manipulate them. The new girl never gave any reason for why she couldn't stay away from either of the potential love interests. I didn't feel a real connection between her and anyone, at all.

Something else that I didn't like was what happened with Leah. It seemed to come completely out of left field and was unrealistic to me. The only function it proved was to make the New Girl feel completely alone. We don't learn the New Girl's name until the end, and I honestly do not understand why. I would have preferred to never know it than the nonchalant way it was presented. Maybe that was the point ::shrugs::

A word of caution: this book has a lot of indiscriminate sex. Normally, I don't mind that *wink*, but I feel like I should mention it. I wouldn't want my young teenage daughter or son to read this book, tbh.

All in all, I thought the book was okay. But Becca was good enough to bump my review up to three stars.