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Legend - Marie Lu 4.5 stars

You can read my full review with quotes and pics and the top six reasons that I love this book here: http://www.fictionators.com/review/legend-by-marie-lu/

I find that books with lots of hype rarely live up to the expectations I have for them, which is the main reason why this book has been sitting on my shelf since I went to ALA a few months ago. I tend to not love the books that have all the hype. But, I knew the release date was fast approaching AND I had a copy to give away on the Fictionators, so I grabbed this on the way out the door on Sunday morning.

And now, I can't decide whether to slap myself or pat myself on the back. Slap myself because it's so damned good, I can't believe that I went so long with this treasure gathering dust on my shelf. Congratulate myself because I got to go all that time without wanting to hop on a plane to go stalk Marie Lu and beg her to give me more of this story rtfn. Seriously.

There are lots of reasons that I love this book. I love the genre. I love the swoon. I love the romance. Ya'll--I love Day and June. I love that all of the characters are well-developed. I might have REALLY loved Metias.

If I could, I'd give this book 4-1/2 stars because it really is awesome. But here's what I didn't love. There are some numbers throughout the book that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I'm guessing that there will be more about that in the future book(s), but I would have liked a little more explanation now. There's also mention of a website, that I wanted to to be able to go to and find out more. It's pretty significant in the book, and I wanted to "live" it for myself as well. haha Trust me, Day makes up for these things.

One of the other things that I want to say that I love about this book isn't really at all about the content--it's about the aesthetics of the book itself. This story is told from both June's and Day's POVs. Day's POV is shown in a beautiful gold typeface. Normally, I wouldn't even mention it, but I was so impressed, I had to. The book that I have is an ARC, so I can only imagine how pretty the actual book is. I want a signed copy bad lol

I know that you're going to love this one. With its hot romance, kick ass plot, and a mystery woven throughout, this dystopian thriller lives up to the hype--and then some!