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Babe in Boyland

Babe in Boyland - Jody Gehrman I'd give this book 4.5 stars, but you know that's not how goodreads rolls. So I'm rounding up for sheer adorableness.

Even though I have hundreds of books on my shelves, I go to the library every week. And this book caught my eye when I walked by the "New Reads" shelf in the YA section. You know how your mom told you that can't judge a book by its cover?

She was wrong.

This book is utterly charming from the beginning to the end, and I really loved it. The cover is totally cute, and that's why I picked it up. While there were some serious issues, like dealing with self-esteem and finding yourself, it was utterly fluffy and so much fun!

Didn't you have a friend who just couldn't stay away from some boy who was all wrong for her? Have you ever questioned why some guy told you he would call but never did? Have you ever had a nemesis? Or ever wondered how Linux affected the game Blood Frontier? lol

When high-school junior Natalie's "professional" reputation as the school advice columnist is called into question, she decides to to find out what really makes guys tick. She has a list of questions and asks the boys that she knows. That doesn't go over too well.
"Is it true that guys think about sex every eight seconds?"

He puts a hand on my knee. "Around you, more like every second."

"This isn't working," I say, pushing his hand off my leg.

"Natalie, you're cute. I like you. What more do we need? THis whole interview thing is just getting in the way. Why overthink it?"

She decides to head into the trenches, so to speak, and goes to an all-boys school for a week. Although her two best friends question her motives a little bit, they totally support her and lend their aid.
"Why are you doing it then?"...

"To create a deeper understanding between the sexes," I say. "To answer the questions girls have asked about guys since time began."

She twists around to look at me in the backseat. "Well, I'm a girl, and I have a question: does Josh like me?"

Along the way, you know what happens. She meets a boy at the school and falls madly in love with him. What will happen when he finds out she's a boy too?

You have to make some leaps, including the believability of Natalie even getting into the school in the first place and her ability hoodwink her mom into a plausible excuse for being gone. Other than that, this book was a fun read and felt incredibly authentic to me. I loved Natalie's character and the revelations that she came to about herself and her gender in general. I loved her friends, especially the new ones she made at school, and how real everyone's reactions were. I loved that Emilio had some swoonworthy moments. I even loved Summer. Well, I loved to hate her along with Natalie.

I've never read anything by Jody Gehrman before, but I will definitely be checking her out! If you need a little pick me up, this is the book for you.