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Matched - Ally Condie This is spoilerish...

So. I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to like the idea of this book soooo bad. But, I didn't. I found that I had to force myself to keep reading during some parts.

I have to admit I thought the premise for this was a good one. I think the world that Ally Condie created has potential to be amazing. I can see where there could be lots of little intricate plot twists and turns. Sadly, it all turns up short for me.

I think if you are faced with losing your family, your community, your home, and potentially your life because you choose not to follow the rules society is placing on you, you better have a damned good reason. You should be so totally and completely in love, you can't breathe without that person. You'd rather be dead without them. That is NOT what I got from any of the characters in Matched. I didn't feel any passion with Ky and Cassia at all.

And seriously, I thought I would gouge my eyes out if I had to keep reading about the stupid cursive handwriting. OMG it's not like she had never seen it before. It's not like she was freaking illiterate.

I liked some of the other characters. I kind of loved her "Official" and her little brother, Bram. The little we saw of Ky's parents was pretty okay, and I kind of liked Xander, as long as I was overlooking that whole wimpy lay-down-and-take-it personality he had going on.

Will I read the next book? Yes. I want to know if Xander grows a pair. I want to know what happens in general, but will I be expecting some big love affair between Cassia and Ky to sweep me off my feet and make me swoon? Uh, no. Maybe that's not what this book was supposed to be about, though. *shrugs*