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Fault Lines

Fault Lines - Rebecca Rogers Maher I started this book months ago, and didn’t like it so I put it down. I picked it back some time later, and I got a little over half-way through this book before I finally threw in the towel. This is not the book I signed up for. Sure, the summary says that the heroine has a dark secret, but I had no idea how dark that secret was.

Still, I do not like to give books terribly low ratings just because I don’t like them. So keeping in mind that I only read the first half, here are my thoughts about this book.

Sarah is a wedding planner and meets photographer Joe at an event that she coordinated. He’s hot, so is she–of course they’re going to hook up that night.

This book deals with a sensitive issue (actually a couple of them), but the one that disturbed me the most is the secret that Sarah harbors, and I cannot explain what completely turned me off from this book without revealing that secret. So, if you don’t want to know, don’t highlight the text below:

Sarah was raped by her uncle when she was a child. This was a regular occurrence over a long periods of time. When she sees her uncle, she acts like nothing is wrong. She just…tells him she’s happy to see him. She’s an adult now, so I do not understand why she would do that.

She also has some icky thoughts while she’s blowing Joe about not being an innocent child. It was just weird and gross to me.

Because of Sarah’s lack of trust in men and her inability to get too close, she pushes Joe away. He comes back, figures out that he has to be gentle with her. Almost immediately after determining that he can’t touch her any way he wants, things like this happened:

He fucked her like an animal would, all restraint gone.

So it’s not just the issues that the characters face that made me not like this book. I didn’t like Sarah. I didn’t connect at all with Joe. And I thought the lemons barely made sense. #flounce

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