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Boy Nobody

Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff 5 stars.

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I put Boy Nobody on my TBR list back in December after reading the summary and thinking it sounded exciting, but not really something I was dying to get my hands on. I was so, so wrong. I am so thankful that we were asked to participate in the tour for this book, otherwise I might have put off reading and would have missed out on what is one of my favorite books, ever.

The story starts off with Boy Nobody on his current assignment: to assassinate his “friend’s” father. He carries out his mission and gets his next assignment: to kill the Mayor of New York City. After entering his new elite school under his newest alias (Ben), he quickly befriends the mayor’s beautiful daughter, Samara (Sam). The stakes have never been higher when getting close to the girl causes Ben to question everything he’s been taught to believe in. He's never been under this much pressure before, and failure is not an option.

I can't really tell you what happens in this book without giving it away. I loved the characters and how real they were (I ♥ Ben). "Complicated" comes to mind when trying to describe Sam. I loved the storyline and well Zadoff wove Ben's history in with his present. I loved the gadgets and how cool (and believable) it all is. I just loved everything, and I believe this will make an amazing movie. Though there will be more to this story, it could undoubtedly stand on its own.

Boy Nobody is perfect for every reader–-there’s the perfect balance of swoon for the reluctant boys who don’t want too much and for the girls who have to have it *raises hand*. It’s great for tech geeks without being overbearing and too complicated. And gah: the end!!! I was shocked and literally sitting on the edge of my seat, all the way up to the end. It’s nothing short of heart-pounding-spectacularness.

I loved this book. I told pretty much everyone I came in contact with at BEA that they have to read it. It’s one of my favorites, and I will be checking out everything that Allen Zadoff has written.