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The Hook-Up Doctor's Guide (What a Boy Wants, #0)

The Hook-Up Doctor's Guide (What a Boy Wants, #0) - Nyrae Dawn 3.5 stars. I liked this.

The Hook-Up Doctor's Guide is a cute companion, featuring advice from one of my very favorite characters: Sebastian Hawkins.

This little story starts off with Sebastian explaining that he's taking a few of his "tough cases as the Hook-up Doctor, mixing them with a few new ones, [and] some of [his] rules--stuff [he thinks] is particularly good advice" and compiled them to share with us. It's cute and fun. One of my favorite parts:
Okay, now to the other part. How do you get him to see you're serious without throwing yourself at him? TELL HIM. I know, I know. Girls tell me all the time how hard it is to tell a guy she likes them (which is strange since girls usually talk about feelings a whole lot more than us), but you have to go there. Tell him you're into him and see what happens. Plus, you have an advantage, you play hockey. If he's a jerk about it, just kick his ass.

I liked Sebastian's personality and he was still the guy I've come to love in this. I like this even more since it's free on amazon. If I had to pay for it, I don't know that I'd say it would be worth it. Lucky I don't have to decide!

If you've read What a Boy Wants, you'll love this little guide. If you haven't, what are you waiting for?