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Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1)

Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1) - Gina Gordon The full review, with quotes and stuff can be found on the Fictionators.

You guise. This. book. is. hot.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been reading mediocre smut lately or what, but I seriously loved this book.

Sterling Andrews meets bad boy Jack Vaughn when her friend drags her to a fundraiser benefiting a charity that his recently-passed-away mother started. Sparks between the two immediately ignite. There's a lot that I can say about gorgeous Jack Vaughn. He's beautiful. He's a chef. He has tatts. His tongue is pierced. He wears button fly jeans. *grin* He knows what he wants.
"Please, Sterling, let me have you."

Their night of debauchery is cut short when Sterling gets a phone call, alerting her to the fact that her parents have been running up her credit cards again. Jack is only planning to be in town for the next month, and in that time, he needs to pack up his mother's belongings. He hires Sterling for the job. And he has a proposition for her:
"I have four weeks until I need to take off again. For the next four Saturdays, you belong to me."

You know what happens. Counter sex. Beach sex. Public sex. Motorcycle sex. It's hot. And then the shit hits the fan, and when it does, it really does. It's all worth it in the end, though, and I loved it!

What didn't I like? There were some words that made me cringe (like "channel" ewwww). I also didn't love that he was so wishy-washy about their relationship. Not every woman in the world is after the same thing. I loved that she had a backbone, though, and stood up to him.

Recipe for Satisfaction is a story with two strong characters that I really liked and a storyline that was realistic. I loved the lemons and loved their relationship even more. I seriously can't wait to read more from this author.