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A Little Bit Cupid

A Little Bit Cupid - Jennifer Shirk 2 stars.

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This is a quick read with a great idea behind it. Phoebe is photographing her ex-fiance’s wedding when she runs into Cupid. He tells her that he wants to help her find her soulmate, and if they aren’t successful by midnight on Valentine’s Day, love will cease to exist.

He gives her a file with details about Adam, the guy that they’ve determined is her soulmate. She’s met him before, and is all for that plan. Until she runs into his roommate, Cal. Despite the fact that Sparks fly between the two of them, Cal agrees to help Phoebe get Adam’s attention. What follows is Phoebe trying to decide between following what she’s told (and saving Love for the entire world) and what she feels.

I liked the idea for the story, and I liked the characters. I get that this is supposed to be a super quick read (it’s less than 100 pages), but I felt like it was wrapped up too quickly and the end was pretty unrealistic. I would have liked either a little bit more to the story, or a better explanation for the instalove, in the form of Phoebe being unable to stay away from Cal. I just wanted more, or why bother?