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All the Broken Pieces

All the Broken Pieces - Cindi Madsen 4 stars. My full review with quotes and stuff can be found on the Fictionators.

This book has such a different, unique concept. I loved it.

Olivia (Liv) wakes up not remembering anything about herself or how she ended up in the hospital. Her parents are hovering nearby and are ecstatic that she woke up and seems to be functioning. As Liv struggles with healing and not remembering anything, she starts to have strange visions, akin to memories that don't make sense.

Her parents are constantly hovering, worried about her fragile state, but not willing to answer many questions about their past. Meanwhile, she meets and falls for a boy, Spencer:
Her lips automatically moved against his, parting as he pulled her closer and kissed her deeper. She wasn't sure if it was her first kiss, but it was the first kiss she remembered, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Spencer's got his own past, and Liv helps him come to terms with some of what he's had to deal with. Throughout the story, Liv continues to have visions/memories of someone else's life. Actually, it seems like it's a couple of someones. She also has this ache for an imaginary sister that crops up in her thoughts, with vivid memories that feel so real.

I can't tell you anything else about this story, except that I did not see what happened coming. I had a theory, but it wasn't this, and I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it turned out. I liked Liv's character, and I really loved Spencer. And his lists. I'm not sure if I think the way the story ended was very realistic or not, but really, I don't know how this could have ended. It was definitely a good read and I had fun experiencing this mystery as it unraveled. Check it out--you won't be sorry.