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Salad for Dinner: Simple Recipes for Salads That Make a Meal

Salad for Dinner: Simple Recipes for Salads that Make a Meal - Tasha De Serio I'd give this book 1-1/2 stars, but I didn't like it enough to round up to 2. Sorry.

Eating salad as a meal isn't a new concept by any means, and I didn't find any innovative recipes that made me want to to have a salad right now. You could find these ideas online, with better pictures and more variations, pretty easily.

The lists at the beginning of each section would have been better if there had been pictures to accompany them (ex. the proper way to slice asparagus), but honestly, I don't know if that would have made a huge difference for my review.

I love salad, for lunch or for dinner. But save yourself the cost of this book and look for these recipes elsewhere.