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Groundswell - Katie Lee I think I mention in pretty much every review that I wish I could give half-stars. If I could, I would give this book 2-1/2 stars.

Emma was a likable enough character and the storyline was good. It was a fairy-tale romance that turned into a nightmare. I wish the fairy-tale had been a little more convincing, but I really liked Garrett and felt like their relationship was sweet and romantic. It was when everything fell apart that I started to lose interest and question the authenticity of the story. Emma was upset, but not upset enough for me. Her self-revelation and relationship with Ben felt contrived, and the actions that she took later in the book caused me to question the sincerity of her feelings for Garrett (and Lily) all along. I wish she had given Garrett another chance, or at least entertained the idea. Maybe I'm too much of a romantic. I wanted them to try to work it out. In a way, I wish the prologue hadn't been included as a prologue, but maybe that's just me.

From the food to the outfits to the sights and scents surrounding them, Katie Lee is a very descriptive writer, and I enjoyed the way Emma explained things. I just would have liked more from her as a character.

There were some funny moments and definitely some hotness throughout. I wouldn't say this was fluff, like some other reviewers have said, but it wasn't an angst-fest either. Overall, it was slightly more than okay, and I liked it.